Jamaican Image of contemplation
Jamaica proverbs with comentry
If you are in love, longing to be in love,
or have ever been in love, this book is for you.
This is the broadest ever collection
of worldwide proverbs containing thousands of years of wisdom on love and loving.
With such a wide range of cultures included
you can discover proverbs from
the lovey-dovey, to the sharp cutting wit.
Think of this book as a close friend
in the giddy whirlwind of love.
Everal McKenzie
publish Caribbean folk tales and proverbs. Use our free online interactive eBook of Jamaican proverbs, and listen to talking book samples of our excellently produced stories for children. West Indian culture in books and audio

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The Beau’s Academy
by John Sprint U.K. 1699

Aphorisms adages, and proverbs of all Ages and Nations
by Jacob Cats and Robert Farlie
Longman, Green, Longman, and Roberts 1862

Wit and Wisdom
of Bengali Ryots and Women
by Prabad Mala
The Englishman Press Calcutta 1869

Chinese Proverbs
by William Scarborough
American Presbyterian
Mission Press 1875

Proverbs, Maxims,
and Phrases of All Ages
Collected by Robert Christy
The Knickerbocker Press,
New York 1888

Scottish Proverbs
by Andrew Henderson
Thomas D. Morison 1888

Proverbs and quotations of Many Nations
Simpkin, Marshal & Co..
London 1890

Behar Proverbs
by John Christian
Published by Kegan Paul, Trench
Trubner and Co.. Ltd. 1891

Proverbs of All Nations
by Walter K. Kelly
Diprose & Bateman U.K.

A Polyglot of Foreign proverbs
by Henry G. Bottn
George Bell and Sons. 1893

The Shade of the Balkans
by Henry Bernard,
Pencho Slavikof, E. J. Dillon
David Nutt, London 1904
from around the world.

Online interactive E-Book,

ISBN 189934103X

Bibliography Affection, Age, Angel, Anger, Appearance, Argue, Art, Attraction, Bachelor, Bed, Beauty, Courting, Cow, Crying, Dance, Dandy, Delicacy, Desire, Devil, Devotion, Disputes, Divorce, Doctor, Door, Dragon, Dreams, Dull, ear, Effort, Elephant, Face, Faithful, Fall in love, Family, Fasting, Fat, Father, Faults, Fire, First, Fish, Flattery, Flaw, Flirt, Flowers, Fly, Fondle, Food, Fool, Forbidden Love, Forced Love, Forget, Fragrance, Fruit, Glove, Gift, God, Glass, Go-between, Gold, Good, Grass, Greeting, Guest, Guilt, Guitar, Hair, Handbag, Handsome, Happiness, Hate, Health, Heart, Heaven, Honesty, Honey, Hope, House, Husband, Inequality, Infidelity, Insect, Itch, Jealousy, Jilted, Jewel, Kindness, Kiss, Kite, Ladder, Lads, Laughter, Law, Life, Light, Like, Lips, Locks, Looks, Lonely, Love, Love Ache, Love & Advice, Love Cure, Loved, Love End, Love Love Hate,Search, Love sick, Lust, Loveless, Love Letters, Lover, Mad, Man, Manhood, Manners, Marriage, Marriage & Adultery, Marriage & Advice, Match-maker, Mind, Mistress, Money, Moon, Mother, Music, Natural, Neighbour, New, Ocean, Paradise, Passion, Path, Patience, Perfection, Pleasure, Poetry, Polygamy, Poor, Power, Pretty, Promises, Prostitute, Quarrel, Quick love, Reconciliation, Relatives, Rope, Sea, Season, Secret, Seduce, See, Self Love, Sin, Separation,Sex, Ship, Shy, Singing, Size, Sleep, Smell, Smile, Snow, song, Soul, Speak, Spinster, Spirit, Spoiled, Son-in-law, Stranger, Stupidity, Suspicion, Sweet, Talent, Teach, Tears, Thorns, Time, Timid, Tree, True, Ugly, Unfaithful, Unknown, Unrequited, Vanity, Venus, Vice, Violence, Virgin, Virtue, Virtue, Water, Wealth, Weather, Wedding, Weeping, Whims, Widow, Widower, Wine, Wife, Wise, Wise, Wolf, Women, Words, World, Wound, Wrinkle, Young.

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